WARNING AND DISCLAIMER:  If you are underage, then consult with your parents or guardians before attempting any of this.  You are on your own - I'm not responsible for your actions or harm you may bring to others because of your actions.  Making the items described below  can result in injury or death to you or people in your vicinity. Some things mentioned here may be illegal to make in your city, county, state, or country so check the laws that apply to you before you attempt anything described here. These notes are not complete on purpose. If you are reading them and new to pyrotechnics, then you are making a mistake. Stop now - this page is not for you. Get a beginning book on fireworks (see Skylighter or American Fireworks News (very quick shipping)  for a start) and read up. You can't make any of this work without more information so read up or join a club or ask someone to help you.


It takes longer to talk about this than it does to do it.

A lampara is a fuel/flash shell. It is among the easiest to make but the construction can be ruined easily because of the fuel bottle leaking or breaking.  Since it contains flash and fuel oil, it is as dangerous as a large salute. Be careful with these and only attempt the construction after you have mastered other shell building techniques.


I get my lampare cans from Wal-Mart's Photo Shop
 but any 3 1/2" outside diameter cardboard tube
will work

I use vending machine Pepsi bottles for the Lampare bottles.
My lampare cans are a bit short so I extend them

Glue 1/2 a can on another and tape

Put a solid end cap on the bottom. Use another
end cap when you paste the shell in

Put some dried wood chips (litter from a pet
shop - dry it in an oven or drying cabinet) in the
bottom of the case to cushion the bottle
Fill the bottles with kerosene

Seal the bottles with caulk. Cheap caulk works fine.

Using a gloved hand, press the caulk around the
bottle to make a tight joint.


Pour about 100 grams of flash around the bottle. Fuse
another end cap and glue on top. Spike vertically only.

Paste in with four layers of 50-70 pound paper. I used a
double fuse on this one (to get around the close fit of
the bottle to the top of the end cap).

This shell will weigh about 2.5 lbs. I use 3 ounces of 2FA
for lift. There is a 3 second delay on the shell.

See regular shell construction articles for how to spike and
 finish the shell off.

Do not use more than 100 grams of flash on a bottle this size. Too much flash will ruin the effect - all your audience will see is a big bang and no fuel burning.