Tool List

The following are tools you will find necessary for starting your hobby. Other tools will be collected along the way but the following might be considered a nice start.

1. Something to weigh your chemicals. Nearly all formulas specify chemicals by weight. Your scale should be accurate to 1 gram or better and should measure at least 100 grams but 500 would be more convenient. This is one of the most important items for your tool inventory.

2. Muffin cups (cup cake cups). These are handy for weighing and for holding chemicals.

3. Plastic storage containers - you can never have too many of these, it seems. Glad, Rubbermaid and lots of other brands will work.

4. Screens - usually you can make some by just stretching aluminum screen wire (the kind you make screen doors with) over a coffee can and taping it or putting a large hose clamp on it (and taping it).  Start with one and make more as you need them.

5. Plastic spoons - get a box of them

6. Labels or marking pens (I use masking tape for labels).

7.  Masking tape, filament tape.

8. Drying trays - I use some homemade ones (aluminum sheet with the ends bent up) else you could just use aluminum cookie trays.

9. Glue - A good wood glue for a start.

In addition, things like doweling, aluminum rod, dead blow hammers, an arbor press (later), paper towels, gummed tape, kraft paper, cardboard tubes (look on eBay for deals!) and all the stuff you collect when you start a hobby will be seen as absolutely necessary... maybe!