A Wheel or Two


Two Foot Wheel

Here is a hybrid wheel with two homemade drivers and two 'Sun Spinner' 1.4g spinners. Any small 'spinner' type firework will do. Mount the drivers on the ends, fuse them to the spinners with Vis-Quick, quickmatch or other fast fuse (not Visco - too slow). The rack is made with an extending 'nose'  that prevents binding of the wheel - a common problem with spinning fireworks. It would be better if the rack were a few feet higher but then it would be harder to stabilize - everything's a compromise. Click on the picture to the right and watch it in action. Note the fuse is lit in the center and starts the spinners a bit before the drivers. The spinners have a slower ignition fuse right at the end so they are first to be ignited. These particular ones are three small drivers with different colors. The larger drivers are 5/8" end burners  that use a 3/16" nozzle and RP with titanium fuel. They are bound to the stick with copper wire (stolen from some 14 gauge house wiring) and hot glue. The effect is a lot of color and action. However, you'll note that it didn't last very long - about 8 seconds.  So, let's spice it up just a tad - click on the image below to see a double driver version which lasts about 16 seconds:

Wow! If two is good, what about three?

uhhhh... Nope. Three drivers have major instability issues - the poor stand was hopping all over the place. The wheel was too heavy and one of the last drivers CATO'd to boot.