Poetry That I Like

The following list of poems is a varied lot. But, hey, who cares? They are all great. If you want to add your own (they MUST be in the the public domain), please email me at dcreagan@scholars.bellevue.edu

Kubla Khan (Coleridge)

Eldorado (Poe)

Ozymandias (Shelley)

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening (Frost)

Ballad of East and West (Kipling)

Robert Service Poems

I've actually seen web sites post Robert Service poems and then apologise for listing such sophomoric verse. Now THAT is weird. For those who think Robert Service isn't great, well .. it's people like you that are responsible for the decline in support for Public Radio and TV. Jerks. Wanna fight?

The Cremation of Sam McGee
The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Clancy of the Mounted Police
Men That Don't Fit In
Spell of The Yukon (many stories 80k)
Ballads of a Cheechako (many stories 80k)

OK .. How come all these guys are old and dead? (for that matter, how come they are all GUYS?) Anybody know any great LIVING poets?