Arm is the next one I built. As usual, lots more expensive than I thought it would be, but it is all mine (except for the electronics, the servos, and the rest <grin>).


Arm was mostly a craft project. I went out to the web and could only find a decent hint from the site again, so I just eyeballed everything and made it out of 3/32" 5 ply model airplane plywood cut with a Dremel scroll saw. The best thing I did was to get it all working and then take it apart, paint the wood, and put it back together again. It gave me a chance to tune it all up. The actuator cable was adapted from model airplane parts (Golden Rod cable and aileron eyes). I glued the ends of the cable tube into the claw housing using Epoxy. The claw was thought up by me since the scissors claw on the Lynxmotion site was just too hard to do with normal tools. This claw works pretty well. See the AVI for an action shot.

Oh, yes... the electronics, right now, use the Serial Servo Controller that you can get at Lynxmotion. The whole project took about four evenings and a Sunday afternoon.


Close up of claw
Real Media of arm (90k) - must have latest Real Media player
Large picture of Arm