The links below are essentially a diary of my robot hobby. There are plenty of hints and pictures on how the 'bots were built so enjoy them, and write me if you like them. If you want a good step by step instruction on how to build a pretty kewl robot, visit Don Roy's site at Don Roy's Page and follow the 1stBot links. If you have specific questions about my site email me.

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rob1 IR ARM Cheap1 NEWT Stella SEEKA Hexapod ANAKIN SAM PICs SSC LCD Skinny SKINNY RF PID Wheels1 Wheels2 Puff Pittmans Power Supply Vex Robotics and FIRST


Links to Robots:

Rob1 Basic Microcontroller Robot Pictures, AVIs and short description

 IR Detector How to build a simple IR detector, schematics and alternate links

 ARM Basic Robot Arm Pictures, AVIs, and short description

 Cheap1 A very cheap robot built as an experiment to see if we wanted to do a robot class for high schoolers or beginners (and to learn more about parallel port stuff). Pictures, AVIs and a short description

 Stella, the "daughter of cheap1" (see above). An inexpensive robot (but not cheap) built to be a follow on for the cheap1.      Pictures, and a short description

 Seeka (see cheap1 above). A smaller robot based on 'cheap1' that uses an IR TV remote for control (also has autonomous modes).      Pictures, and a short description

 NEWT - my attempt at making a real test stand robot. This one is retired, but there are some interesting pictures of Sonar at work.

 Hexapod I got bored with Newt and made a hexapod (Whew! Was that expensive!). Pictures and some discussion. The hexapod is now defunct.

 DR - what you do with a windfall robot kit that is pretty kewl. Pictures and a Real Movie.

 SAM - The current design for our class robot.

 CCS-PCM and PICs Programming a PIC with CCS-PCM C compilers.

 Simple SSC A Serial Servo Controller using a 16F84 PIC(discussion).

 CCS LCD A Serial LCD hookup using CCS (unique to CCS).

 Skinny A PWM/PID example in the making. Uses PicBasic Pro.

 RF Control Controlling a robot with RF from a PC

 PID Tutorial/Project A PWM/PID tutor.

 Wheels Robot Wheels made easy.

 Wheels Some hints on how to make plexiglas robot wheels.

 Puff1 A steam powered robot!

 Pittman Modifications Adding an encoder disk to a Pittman Series 8000 Gearhead Motor.

Bench Power Supply made from an old PC power supply. 

Vex and FIRST Prototyping FIRST requirements with VEX kits


These are all the videos that you may find on the above HTML pages.


rob1.rm ROB - the first robot of the series.

arm1.rm ARM - a five degree of freedom arm.

parallel1.rm CHEAP1 - an inexpensive robot made for about $30.

newt.rm NEWT - Newt finds a clear path using SONAR.

anakin.rm ANAKIN - Anakin avoids stairs and walls using IR.

skinny2.rm SKINNY - takes a P (PID controlled robot).

ss1.rm SS1 - Skinny's sister (about the same thing as Skinny).

skinnyIR.rm SKINNY - uses IR on a servo to avoid walls.

skinnyIR3.rm SKINNY - uses IR, A Bobird, and precipice detectors.

puff1.rm Puff1 - a steam powered robot!

vex3a.wmv Vex and FIRST prototypes



Links to Other Stuff

I have purchased and had good results from these online sources:


Lynxmotion - good looking robots

Acroname - good deals on difficult to find stuff (like PIR)

Digikey - parts, parts, parts, PICs

JDR Micro - parts, parts, parts

Jameco - parts, parts (cheap parts! - try their solderless breadboards!)

Peter Anderson's page. Really interesting and reasonable stuff

Dontronics - want to receive a package from Hong Kong? Don is in Australia and drop ships from Hong Kong occasionally. Very reliable and fairly quick.

Find Chips - a very nice resource for finding ICs


The following are general links (I haven't purchased from any of these):


Seattle Robotics - pretty good information - be sure to read their newsletter.

Programming and Customizing the BASIC Stamp Computer by Scott Edwards, ISBN 0-07-913683-4 (hc) A very good tutorial on the Stamp

Robots, Androids, and Animatrons by John Iovine, ISBN 0-07-032804-8 Moderately useful - not a waste of money like some other texts - but watch out for some of the circuits - they don't work as advertised

Robots, Inspiration to Implementation, Jones, Flynn, Seiger, ISBN: 1568810970 Highly Recommended (by me and everyone else):

The Parallel Port Complete by Jan Axelson, ISBN: 0965081915 This and the following book are interesting if you are wondering how to program that silly parallel or serial port: The Serial Port Complete by Jan Axelson, ISBN: 0965081923