Rob1 is a typical first robot - but it is MY first robot! It uses hacked servos (you get instructions for doing this if you order the servos from Lynxmotion - or just look on the web) for drive wheels and a BASIC Stamp 2 on the commercial Stamp2 carrier board. I included a prototyping board with this version so that I could rapidly change Rob1ís features. The two screws in the center front are for mounting things. At the time of this shot, I had just taken the IR detector off and put a homemade cat whisker touch sensor on. The batteries are stuck below the carriage with two-sided foam tape and I tied on the motors just in case. The aircraft wheels are your standard 3" DuBro wheels. If you look closely (and you can see it in the AVI also), you can see a wire on each side of the two wheels. The wire acts as an edge sensor. All the sensors are hooked to the same port on the Stamp. If the stamp detects a closed switch, it backs up and does a random turn. Switches close when the wire on the side drops below the wheels and lands in a little paper clip cradle or the whisker bumps into something (look at the AVI and you can just see it happen). That keeps him out of trouble most of the time. This guy likes to chase the dogs around the house. Itís uncanny, the minute they lay down, the crazy thing makes a beeline for them and will run up their bellies if they donít move.

Rob1 took about two and a half evenings (after I had searched around and waited for parts) to put together. Rob is usually the robot I go to when I run out of parts for the other robots. Consequently, he is rarely running.

Bigger picture of Rob1
Real Media of Rob1 (113k) - must have latest .rm player