Seeka is just a revisit of Cheap1 and Stella (daughter of Cheap1) using Lego and the IRPD sold by Lynxmotion. Seeka is smaller than most robots, but she seems to get the most attention because of it. Most people think she is the kewlest of all the robots on this page. Some of the attraction comes from being able to control her using a TV Remote. I used Don Roy's code for controlling Seeka using Sony IR code.

Seeka is a Tamiya gearset on a 3/32 5 ply base with Lego and Duplo parts to make her look pretty. The batteries for the motors are inside the yellow Lego box. Don's code for the IR interface (unmodified) is here: IR Remote (Stamp II)

The following picture is a larger picture of Seeka which shows some of the components and how they are packed onto the motor base.

Larger picture of Seeka