Adding An Encoder To A Pittman 8000 Series Motor

This series of steps was developed from messages and interaction on the DPRG mailing list. Some ideas are not mine but were gleaned from that list.

You Can Get 8000 Series Pittmans From Several Places. Search The Surplus
Outlets or Ask On The List or List For Current Locations.
The Two Above Look Alike, But One Is 60.5:1 And One Is 187:1.
Be Sure To Check What You Are Buying!

First, Take The Rear Off The Pittman 8712 (60.5:1 version).

Then Tap The Unused Holes For 2-56 or 4-40. These Will Hold The Encoder.

Take The Front Gearbox Plate Off and Use It As A Pattern To Make A Motor Mount.
Reassemble The Front And Rear of The Motor.

Choose A Backing To Hold The Encoder Disk (I used a thin brass washer).

Super Glue The Backing On To The Rear Motor Shaft.

The Third Pattern Was Borrowed From Sluggy on DPRG

Use Rubber Cement To Tack A Laser Jet Printed Pattern Onto The Backing.

Assemble The Photo-reflector Wafer (I used point to point wiring).

Mount the Wafer To Three Mount Points On Back Of Motor.
I Use Nylon Flanges Epoxied To The Wafer To Make A Sturdy Hookup.
I Also Used Nylon 4-40 Nuts On The Circuit Side To Prevent Accidental Shorts.

Use A Shortened Film Can As A Back Cover.

Looks Like This.

Smoke Test It.